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Proudly serving Temecula, Ca and it’s surrounding areas.

  • Our Goal is Your Complete Satisfaction

  • Friendly Dental Team

  • Comfortable Dental Office Environment

  • Highly Qualified Dental Practice

  • Dental Care for the whole Family

At My Dentist Temecula, we recognize the value of a great smile and our goal is nothing less than your complete satisfaction. Dr. Murphy and her friendly dental team are here to provide you and your family with high quality dental care in a comfortable environment. We offer specialized and cosmetic dentistry as well as routine care. Whatever your dental needs are, you will find that our Temecula, Ca dental practice is highly qualified to help you obtain that smile you’ve always wanted.

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Our skilled team of dental professionals help our practice operate smoothly and work hard to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile!

Diane was born in Los Angeles and has made her settling here in Murrieta and has been loving dentistry for 13 years! She is the kind smile that makes sure your appointment is 100% relaxed and comfortable. Diane has been assisting for 8 years. She has also had the pleasure to work with the “Extreme Makeover Dentist” for 5 years, introducing the newest technology for whitening. Diane and her loving husband have a gorgeous little daughter Chevy, that they LOVE watching grow up and taking to NASCAR as a family tradition every year!!

Favorite Restaurant: Bucca De Peppo

Favorite Movie: Casino & Tombstone

Favorite Music: 80’s Rock (She is die hard for Guns and Roses!!)

Taylor, also a So Cal Native was born in Mission Viejo, moved to Temecula as a teen, and graduated from our local Great Oaks High School class of 2015!! Taylor loves her new career in the Dental field as this path has always been a dream. Taylor is currently engaged to a wonderful man, Louis. and plan for their wedding mid-summer 2017. When she is not spending her time here, or babysitting 4 adorable children, she LOVES a chance to get her toes in the sandy beaches in Laguna.

Favorite Restaurant: Gen Sushi

Favorite Movies: 50 First Dates & Waterboy

Favorite Music: Pearl Jam, Stick Figures, Alice and Chains

Ashley was born in Henderson, but grew up mostly in San Diego where she graduated High School and Dental Assisting School in 2010. She LOVES her office so much, and truly enjoys taking care of patients with a high phobia of the dentist because she is confident we can change your fear, and make every visit a great experience. Ashley recently had a little baby girl, Jordan Rose join the family in addition to her 7 year old son Jacob and 5 year old step daughter Hayden. When Ashley and her husband actually have time to themselves, they love to travel as much as they can, exploring new places together.

Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster & Phils BBQ (San Diego)

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Favorite Music: Country, Rap, and older rock. (absolutely in love with Garth Brooks!)

We use the latest technology to achieve the results you are looking for; to improve your smile as well as your overall dental health.


First and foremost, we are focused on results. Temecula dentist Dr. Murphy understands how important your smile is to how you look and feel, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of dentistry in Temecula, CA. Our years of education and experience have given us the training to work at the highest level. This training, when combined with our focus and attention to detail, enables us to provide the best possible treatment for our patients.


We know that many patients are often uncomfortable when visiting the dentist. Our goal at My Dentist Temecula is to create an atmosphere of comfort and care for your dental treatment. In order to do so we have created a warm and relaxed atmosphere at our Temecula, California office. Additionally, our friendly staff are committed to ensuring you feel at ease during your visit.


We know that we can do our job only when our patients feel comfortable with us and our services. In order to maintain a high level of trust, we carry out an open dialogue with our patients, keeping them in the loop on what procedures we are doing, and why. By educating them on all the various options available, Temecula dentist Dr. Murphy can create a treatment plan that is right for their unique needs.


When choosing a dentist in Temecula, it is important to make sure they stay current with new procedures and technology as the dental industry evolves. Our dentists and hygienists stay up to date by attending lectures, conferences, and reading industry literature. This helps My Dentist Temecula provide our patients with the most up to date information and options. Additionally, we ensure that our Temecula dental office is equipped with the latest in dental technology.


Take the first step towards your picture perfect smile. With the help of Dr. Murphy, a top cosmetic dentist in Temecula, California, and our amazing team of experienced and gentle professionals; we can create your brightest smile. Give our Temecula, Ca dental practice a call today so we can start planning your personalized dental plan.